Samuel Chesterfield Tub Chair

The Samuel Chesterfield tub chair has style, class and versatility.  It can be used in a set of two or to compliment any sofa regardless of its style or whether it is leather, velvet or material.  It is very popular on its own for one’s favourite area to read, relax and unwind.

Deep button detailing has been growing in popularity.  The look effortlessly creates a sense of gravitas and tradition in the home, and you can opt for a classic version or an updated look as can be seen on the stylish Samuel Chesterfield Tub chair.

Samuel Chesterfield Tub Chair


The photo of our chesterfield tub chair above is shown in Deluxe Devil leather.  The leather has been hand selected, carefully matched and individually cut.  The chair has a solid hardwood frame. The legs, also hardwood  are usually stained in mahogany but can be also ordered in natural, dark oak or yew. The standard seat is made out of fibre although foam or buttoned seats are also an option. Antique studs are used but  nickel or brass are also available.

With graceful curves and comfort, this chesterfield is a great scaled barrel chair with personality to spare. The generous tight seat contrasts beautifully with its elegant tufted back.

Keeping your eye on a trend is always important, but it’s equally vital to maintain a sense of your own style. Remember that sofa and chair design has no limits.  If you love modern design but want a softer version, there are plenty of sofas and chairs that offer a combination of simple lines and comforting cushions.  If you love button detailing but don’t want it to overpower the sofa or chair, simply look for a version that features only a limited amount of stud detailing.

Leather swatches are available to help you choose the colour. The sample will give you a feel of the quality of the material for your chesterfield sofa or chair and help you to imagine it in your home surroundings. Please visit our site to request your leather sample.