Classic Chesterfield Sofas on “The Godfather” set

Classic Chesterfield sofas have always been the first choice for movie sets.  They are always in fashion and serve well regardless of their purpose. The Chesterfields work well in any office, gentleman’s area or club, even in a gangster lair.

Let’s have a look at the famous movie “The Godfather”.

There is no greater iconic film than The Godfather.  It has set the standard for story-telling, launched a generation of great actors, and provided movie-goers an unparalleled experience. The year it was released The Godfather won three Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Marlon Brando) and Best Adapted Screenplay.  Since its release the film has made nearly $250 million at the global box office and is considered to be one of the greatest films of all time.

The narrative is of course, fantastic but what people remember is the cinematography. It plays with light and dark to build up the chilling atmosphere. Most of the interiors are immersed in darkness, with characters moving in and out of the light. Head of the crime family, Don Vito Corleone’s face was famously lit from above, casting shadows over his eyes which made him a difficult character to read. On other occasions, he was cast entirely in darkness.

The Rowling Chesterfield chair from our collection is a perfect match to Don Corleone’s chair.

Classic Chesterfield chair

To create that overall sense of darkness and foreboding, the furniture was often dark too – with a cluster of brown leather chairs and classic chesterfield sofas. It’s a strong, powerful look that speaks of masculinity and wealth. Of course, living in such a dark property isn’t practical nowadays, but we can choose the classic chesterfield sofas to bring strength and masculinity into our homes.

Classic chesterfield sofas on Godfather set
Classic chesterfield sofas on Godfather set

A masculine room combines all different textures from leather, to wood, rugs and throws. Leather sofas are inevitable, as is metal so choose a floor lamp with a metal stand or an office chair on wheels.