Chesterfield Leather Sofa – a designer’s choice

The Chesterfield leather sofa is a favourite choice for most designers.   Whether creating a homely family atmosphere or a sophisticated  batchelor’s pad, this clasic sofa works just about anywhere.

Chesterfields make an impact and our sofas prove that.

They have massive forms and attention-grabbing tufts. The Chesterfields’ features can easily steal all the attention from the room’s surroundings. To balance out a Chesterfield leather sofa, we can bring in some clean-lined modern elements and rustic forms. Integrating furniture and artwork with strong colors, and experimenting with a fun area rug, would make a difference too.

Brown chesterfield leather sofa

One of the best places for a Chesterfield leather sofa is to be positioned in the middle of a room. The distinctive rolled back rest looks great from behind, unlike the backs of many sofas.  Also, the low profile prevents the sofa from becoming a visual barrier in the room. This is perfect for creating a conversation area within a larger space. Your Chesterfield leather sofa won’t block the view across the room.  But it will still define the space-within-a-space. They have the unique ability to float while adding interest. Hence, Chesterfield sofas are so popular in the lobbies of luxurious boutique hotels and sophisticated lounges.

modern chesterfield leather sofa

In our collection, you can also find a fantastic range of beautifully designed chairs including

tub chairs, wing chairs and stunning chaise longues, which add elegance to any room.

When you have chosen your style, our craftsmen will start constructing your chesterfield leather

sofa or accessory by hand, using only the best materials.

As soon as your furniture is completed, it will undergo a strict inspection to make sure it meets

every one of our high standards.  Only when this inspection is passed, your furniture will be

released for delivery.

If you want to see some examples of our leathers, you can order a selection of swatches, which

might help you with making your final choice.