Classic Chesterfield with a Modern Twist

Classic chesterfield sofa’s markings are extremely low seating, arms and back of equal height and button upholstery. Traditional versions have rolled arms and sit on tooled wooden legs.

As shown on our home page, the chesterfield sofa is perfect for children too. Once seen as the sofa of choice for the affluent set, it’s now an elegant way to bring a sense of tradition to a modern room.

It can be difficult to imagine a classic Chesterfield as a modern design. After all, it has been always famous and admired for its classical beauty. Yet, things have changed and classic chesterfields have undergone a transformation that makes them suited to modern homes as well. What’s more, they are not only for the rich and prominent any more. There is an enormous market for them today and that has only helped bring their prices down making them approachable to many homes all over the world.


xmas sofa

Designers these days are pairing classic chesterfields with modern icons and decor, and are using updated versions of the sofa. The new chesterfields, like our Charlie below play with proportions, colours, textures and lines, being true to tradition but busting out of the mould at the same time. They are becoming especially popular in modern eclectic rooms, where a mixture of eras and styles is essential.



Chesterfields, with their unique features are the chameleons of the sofa world: They fit in pretty much anywhere and if made in leather, demand very little maintenance, providing you chose the right one.

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