Modern Masculine Decor

Mordern Masculine DecorI love black walls. People don’t paint walls black often enough. It is bold, strong and when done right can really transform a room. Black goes with everything so, in theory you could add any combination of colours or decors to a black backdrop but the danger is for the room to become to dark unless it is lifted with light accesories and lighter furniture.

Here we have a tan Chesterfield sofa sat against a black wall. The result is stunning. It is such a simple combination and yet the contrast is a perfect mix-match. It is a very masculine look, perfect for a batchelor pad or a gentleman’s office or study. Despite being a very classic piece of furniture, here, set against the black wall the Chesterfield looks modern and funky. A Chesterfield sofa will match almost any decor and immediately adds class and a touch of elegance to a room. Black wall + Tan leather Chesterfield sofa = Perfect masuline decor combination.