Living Room Inspiration, Too Good to Pass Up

Now that we have the star of the show, I have enjoyed playing around with a mood board for inspiration for the living room that works around our new chesterfield sofa.

Living Room moad board

These mood boards are just that – inspiration. Besides the sofa and a couple of kudo horns from here in South Africa, we don’t own anything else shown on the board. So don’t be surprised if the final result isn’t an exact match.

You may have noticed that I am drawn towards decorating with blues, greens, and grays – and somehow a Michelle Armas painting seems to find it’s way in to every mood board so far. Seriously, that woman is talented! I thought this painting was a great choice for color inspiration but, sadly, it looks like it is no longer available.

Living Room Color Inspiration
Half of the living room with be torn down in the midst of our renovation but we do plan to update the fireplace and built-ins with a few DIY projects. Our list includes:

To – Do:
Scrape popcorn ceilings
Install new hardwood flooring
Paint (or stain) brick fireplace (more on this later!)
Build wooden shelves for built-ins and remove glass front doors.
Repaint walls, ceiling, built-ins, trim and doors
Replace ceiling fan
Replace mantel
Bring in art, curtains, etc.

I love the way this room is heading but I’m a little stumped on what to do with our tall brick fireplace. I’m getting my thoughts together and will be asking for your advice soon!

Too Good to Pass Up

Y’all! We bought a sofa this weekend! Sight unseen, never sat on, clear across the world but we I just fell in love over a computer screen!

chesterfield sofa
chesterfield sofa

I wasn’t even considering a sofa like this for our living room. I have always loved chesterfields (even more after admiring my friend, Jenn’s, new addition!) but never thought I could afford one or be lucky enough to run across one. But this past week, I found a Craigslist ad for this sexy, tufted, extra large, sofa that has now changed all of my plans! It’s in brand new condition, rarely used, and (in my opinion) will only get better with age!

chesterfield2I know finding a great deal on Craigslist is nothing new, but Texarkana’s Craigslist NEVER has anything good! So when I saw this Pottery Barn Grand Chesterfield Sofa pop up for almost half price, I had to act quick!! Our lovely Aunt Nancy went to scope it out, did all the negotiating for us and he’ll even be waiting for us in our living room when we get home (thanks again, Nancy)! I’m so in love and can’t wait to see this piece in person! Here is some inspiration photos of some sexy chesterfields strutting their stuff!

chesterfield sofa
chesterfield sofa in brown leather
chesterfield sofa
chesterfield sofa


chesterfield sofa
chesterfield sofa
chesterfield sofa
chesterfield sofa


My brain is filled with ideas for our living room mood board that now includes this sofa! Check back soon to see how he fits in!
Tell me about your Craigslist surprises!  Anyone have a chesterfield they love? Or bought a couch before without seeing or sitting on it?
Written by Laura Orr
Via Laura Orr Interiors
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