White Chesterfields in the fabulous home of Megan Hess

White Chesterfields are scattered everywhere in the stylish and very chic home of fashion illustrator Megan Hess. If you love all things Coco or Audrey, than you’ll love this space.

White Chesterfields
White Chesterfield Sofa


Megan Hess, well known for her exquisite style and taste has made her white chesterfield sofa the centerpiece in her living room.

 Arguably, the most important item of furniture in the lounge is your seating. It symbolizes the end of a hard day, the time to relax and unwind and as a result, it needs to take pride of place in your modern living room.

The sofa is the most important piece of furniture to get right. It’s not only the most used item in the room, it’s also the piece that grabs the most attention; so it’s imperative to find a designer sofa that reflects the era of the house as well as possible. Her white Chesterfields with their stud and deep buttoning detailing, are perfect for both Victorian houses and modern penthouses or apartments.

One of the best positions for white Chesterfields is floating in the middle of a room. The distinctive rolled back rest looks great from behind (unlike the backs of many sofas) and the low profile prevents the sofa from becoming a visual barrier in the room. This is perfect for creating a conversation area within a larger space.

Megan Hess’s Chesterfield does not block the view across the room, but still defines the space-within-a-space. This unique ability to float while adding interest is why Chesterfield sofas are so popular in the lobbies of luxurious boutique hotels and sophisticated lounges.  This is a similar white chesterfield from our collection.

White Chesterfields
White Chesterfield Chaise Lounge

Her variation of a Chesterfield Chaise Lounge adds a touch of class and creates a cozy and comfortable area to relax or doodle. This is our version of white Chesterfield Chaise Lounge.

And last but not least, Megan Hess has selected a chesterfield chair in velvet to add a touch of elegance and luxury to her daughter’s pink bedroom. Our alternative choice would be a chesterfield chair in white leather with the added touch of Swarovski Crystals..

Chesterfield chair
Chesterfield Chair in velvet

All our furniture is custom made to order in England.

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