THE piece of furniture.

This week I’ve been looking into my very favourite pieces of furniture ever; The Chesterfield sofa.

It is timeless and ageless- well, it ages but if anything it becomes even more beautiful with age and a little wear and tear. It is such a classic and elegant piece of furniture and yet it lends itself effortlessly to any type of decor and can sit with ease and look perfect whether it is in a formal high brow library, or sitting battered and worn in a pretty children’s nursery.

Because of its simple …. design, it can compliment an ultra modern and minimal surrounding as well as offsetting a beautifully patterned or boho style surrounding. It may surprise some but I think of the Chesterfield as a very family-friendly piece of furniture. It is so strong, robust and the type of sofa the children can clamber on without worrying about either breaking the frames or dirty handprints. Real leather is so durable and any marks it gets tell a story and give it original character and thus make it a piece of furniture that people grow old with.

Personally I am a fan of the Chesterfield in leather; either tan or brown leather are my favourites but it has become increasingly popular in other materials such as velvet or linen. You can find many replica Chesterfields on the net and high street stores but these are not genuine and have neither the same quality nor even the true characteristics of the real thing- and I would certainly recommend paying the extra to get a genuine Chesterfield sofa.

You can find these by searching for vintage pieces (which are very expensive) or I would recommend Chesterfield Lounge, made in England who make real Chesterfields of exceptional quality (I have two from them!!!) Find their collection at

I have put together a selection of my favourite interiors with Chesterfield sofas and you can see for yourself the variety of decors and settings for this particular sofa. If you purchase one piece of quality furniture, let this be it!

Scarlet Asprey