When leather Chesterfields are made in fabric

Leather Chesterfields made in fabric are used by many designers nowadays.

If you’re looking for a way to update your living room without repainting, recarpeting and investing in a whole new range of furniture, look to your trusty sofa or armchairs! If you love leather chesterfields as I do but want to add splashes of bright colour in your living room, you are not alone.

 Deep button detailing keeps growing in popularity. This look, which originates from leather chesterfields, creates a sense of gravitas and tradition in the home, and you can opt for a classic version or an updated look, as can be seen on the stylish Arthur Chair. Imagine it in an Emerald green velvet finish and you have a statement chair for your living room.


Leather Chesterfields in Velvet
Velvet Chesterfield Chair

 We’ve noticed growing trends in both high-backed and low-backed sofas. However, be prepared, as these high and low designs are created to be extreme. If you want to incorporate this look into your home, choose a long, low-backed sofa like the Faradey, shown in white linen.

Leather Chesterfields in Linen
Faraday Chesterfield Sofa

Or a high-backed sofa such as the Rowling Chesterfield Sofa, inspired by sharp, simple turn-of-the-century train carriage seating in a rich grey linen.

Leather Chesterfields in Linen
Linen Wingback set

Natural materials are the most important aspect of an earthy, neutral look. Of course, the material that instantly springs to mind is wood. Rather than selecting furniture that is polished or has a high degree of detailing, choose pieces that are simple, robust and earthy.

Linen, velvet and other natural fabrics also work well in recreating the earthy appeal. Fresh cotton curtains, a natural woollen throw and plenty of knitted cushions help to create exactly the look that you’re trying to achieve.

Leather Chesterfields in Linen
Chesterfield Linen Chair

Keeping an eye on trend is always important, but it’s equally vital to maintain a sense of your own style. Remember that sofa design has no limits; if you love the minimalist design but want a softer version, there are plenty of sofas and chairs that offer a combination of simple lines and comforting cushions. Likewise, if you love button detailing but don’t want it to overpower the sofa, simply seek out a version that features only a limited amount of stud detailing.

For more inspiration and a glimpse at some of the latest sofa trends, visit Chesterfield Lounge today.