Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies! George Clooney on a chesterfield chaise sofa

George Clooney

It might not be surprising that a recent poll revealed that George Clooney was the winner in a U.K. poll asking people who would make the best Valentine’s Day date.


But things take a turn when you learn that the organization asking the question was Madame Tussauds. Yep — the “choose your dream date” question came straight from the wax museum people. The winner was George Clooney, so they stuck him out in the street, sitting on a sofa, so people could snuggle up to him.

And snuggle up they did. They caressed. They cajoled. They grinned and sighed. They allowed people with cameras to take their pictures.

Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies! Enjoy your moment with Wax George Clooney as he stares unnervingly at nothing, ignoring your efforts to kiss and charm him. Wax George Clooney will certainly look good in your later photos, but he probably won’t put the moves on you, so you need to be prepared to be assertive.

The upside of all this is that he’s really no more indifferent than Real George Clooney who, if you’re anything like me, still hasn’t called. Granted, Wax George Clooney is less likely to playfully engage in practical joke wars with Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, and it’s possible that some of the charm of any charismatic man is lost when he never blinks and instead appears to be an undead creature awaiting Dr. Frankenstein’s powers of reanimation, but you must admit, he looks pretty good.

But no WGC is as wonderful as the WGC whose picture was taken in London last November (London seems to have several Wax George Clooneys on call). For whatever reason, Madame Tussauds decided that the best way to mark four Thanksgivings in office for President Barack Obama was to place Obama in a Thanksgiving dinner scene with Wax George Clooney, Wax Morgan Freeman, and Wax Rihanna. (Wax Morgan Freeman: “Take the picture. This wax turkey isn’t going to eat itself.”)

Written By Linda Holmes

Via http://www.npr.org/blogs