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Chesterfield pieces of furniture are as popular as ever. Chesterfield pieces include sofas, armchairs, tub chairs, benches and ottomans. Their design could be classic or modern, made out of leather, velvet or fabric.

Chesterfield pieces modern
Chesterfield Pieces Modern


The Chesterfield sofa originates from England and was created for English Royalty in the 18th Century. We specialize in the manufacturing of high quality Chesterfield pieces of furniture and our factory in England continues to use traditional techniques which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Chesterfield pieces modern design
Queen Anne Wing Chair in black velvet


Chesterfield pieces are meticulously hand-crafted using the highest quality materials. We carefully select our hides and fabrics for the upholstery and our hardwood frames are constructed from the very best seasoned timber. We use a wide variety of leather types from deluxe finishes to worn and distressed textures, combined with studs, embellishments and a choice of wood according to our clients’ specific requirements. This attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship results in a piece of furniture that is truly unique in that no two pieces are the same. Our craftsmen all have a deep commitment to maintain the highest standards of quality and design and are proud  to carry down the tradition of handmade Chesterfield furniture through the years.

At Chesterfield Lounge we manufacture not only the most traditional and classic designs but also modern and contemporary pieces suitable for every day living.  The beauty of Chesterfield furniture is its timeless elegance and a Chesterfield will always compliment and enhance its surroundings, whether standing in an office, a modern home or a country residence. Chesterfield furniture’s effortless class makes it a beautiful addition to any room or setting no matter its style, decor or period. At Chesterfield Lounge we have had the pleasure of furnishing some of the most attractive period residences in England, as well as fitting high end offices and boutiques with bespoke pieces and supplying celebrities’ lavish  homes with some of our more contemporary designs.

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