Taking care of your Chesterfield Furniture

What better way to make your house feel like a home than with the addition of a few great pieces of Chesterfield furniture? It can definitely be an investment, but if taken care of properly, leather furniture can last for years.

How to Clean Chesterfield Furniture

Similar to hair, leather needs be cleaned and conditioned in order to look its best.

Over time, leather furniture accumulates body oils, perspiration, dirt, and more.

The best thing you can do to rid your Chesterfield furniture or dirt, grime, and stains is to clean and it weekly.

Cover It Up

If you’re not a fan of cleaning and conditioning your leather furniture or simply don’t have enough time in the day, consider covering your upholstery with a sheet.

When you are not using your furniture, keeping it covered is the best way to protect it from collecting dirt and dust. A lightweight sheet can also preserve the original color of your furniture by shielding it from the sunlight. As beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as it is to have a room that is lit perfectly by the sun, its effects can also be damaging to your leather furniture by drying and fading it out.

Dust Frequently

During your weekly cleaning, give your Chesterfield furniture a once over with a dust rag. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, pull out the vacuum and work in between and under the cushions to get rid of any hidden crumbs or dirt and dust particles and especially around the buttons.

You should never forget to conduct a spot check before using any cleaning product on your leather upholstery.


If you accidentally spill any liquids on the upholstery, clean it up immediately. Simply use a damp cloth to blot away the stain.

People often ask about the difference between nubuck and suede.

Chesterfield Furniture
The Charlie chesterfield chaise sofa

Both types of leather are sanded to produce a velvet soft feel. The main difference is that nubuck is sanded on the outer surface of the leather, the part that would have been the exterior skin of the animal, while suede is sanded on the inner layer of the skin.

Suede and Velvet give the Chesterfield furniture a more contemporary look which is favored by many interior designers like our Charlie Chesterfield Chaise Sofa.

 Removing Stains from Suede and Velvet Chesterfield furniture
  1. Rub the stain with the suede brush or polishing cloth. This will prepare the area by removing any debris or dust.
  2. Moisten a terry cloth rag with white vinegar or rubbing alcohol and lightly dab the couch. Be very careful not to over-saturate the stain.
  3. Rub the stain gently to remove.

If you follow these simple rules, your Chesterfield furniture will last you a long time giving your home that special ambiance and comfort.

All our furniture is custom made to order in England.

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